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altafiber and Bell Charitable Foundation Grant Celebration

On January 25, 2024, altafiber hosted an award luncheon for the twenty non-profits selected by the Bell Charitable Foundation during 2023 to receive grant awards.  Two of those twenty recipients are Life Learning Center and the Samaritan Car Care Clinic.

Life Learning Center’s grant was to address housing issues for members.  The Clinic grant, no surprise, was to help address transportation barriers for low-income families.

Life Learning Center and the Clinic already partner to address transportation barriers for Life Learning Center members.  It was wonderful for the Bell Charitable Foundation to select both of these Covington, KY, based non-profits!

Pictured are Laura Berkemeier from Life Learning Center, and Bruce Kintner from the Samaritan Car Care Clinic.  The award memento is a real bell that has a functioning clapper, so yes, it can be rung!

Thanks again to Bell Charitable Foundation!

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