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Helping people move toward economic self sufficiency.
A car takes you far!

Who We Help

The Samaritan Car Care Clinic provides complementary routine vehicle maintenance for low income individuals.  Each quarter we help clients, referred by social service agencies throughout Northern Kentucky, maintain their vehicles – and by extension, their livelihoods.

What We Do

  • Change engine oil

  • Replace air filters

  • Replace wiper blades

  • Replace bulbs

  • Top-off fluids

  • Inflate tires

  • Refer cars for repairs

    • (when funding is available)

Who We Are

Samaritan Car Care volunteers offer a lifeline to working poor families.  Our services enable these families to maintain their cares.  That allows them to access jobs and transport family members to school and health care appointments.

“This is a great service.  It is different than what others provide.  Others do the normal services like food, but changing my oil is so great because my car is important to me.  If I can’t get to my job, I can’t pay my bills.”

– Samaritan Car Care Clinic Participant

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