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Manual Ford Focus finds new home

Abigail C. is pictured here with her new-to-her Ford Focus. A friend of the Clinic donated the Focus to the Clinic specifically to be fixed up and sold at a discount to someone in need. Repairs included the usual suspects: tires, brakes, some problems with the power steering system, etc. Abigail is a single mom who was referred to the Clinic by Life Learning Center. Abigail has a warehouse job, and was able to qualify for one of St. Vincent de Paul’s micro-loans to support the purchase of the Focus. The loan covered most of the repair costs. Abigail’s previous car (with close to 300,000 miles) had proven to be very unreliable. With the repaired Focus, Abigail can now get to and from work with confidence. A small piece of trivia – it took the Clinic two months to place the Focus with someone who needed a car, solely because it was a challenge finding someone who could drive a manual transmission!

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